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Michael Mann developing prequel to Heat

Will be released as a book first

Director Michael Mann is bringing a group of writers together to write a prequel novel and film adaptation to his 1995 movie, Heat.

According to Deadline, Mann is launching a book publishing company with the goal to adapt each title that comes through for either film or television. The director will reportedly scour his own archive of films to look for potential ideas, but his highest priority remains bringing the Heat prequel to fruition.

Starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, Heat followed a gang of bank robbers trying to evade police upon realizing they accidentally left a clue at the location of their most recent heist. The prequel will reportedly focus on the "formative" years of each major character.

Mann is currently working on securing writers for both fiction and non-fiction projects. Once his writers are onboard, work can start on the prequel but there's no estimated release date at this time.

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