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Bloodborne is getting a tabletop card game

Die over and over again in real life

Game designer Eric Lang shared plans for "a simple but highly deep and interactive card game" based on Bloodborne — From Software's brutally difficult, and hugely popular, 2015 PS4 exclusive — on Twitter today. Here's his tweet, along with an image of the box:

Lang is no stranger to tabletop adaptations of video games, having created XCOM The Board Game in 2014. Lang is also responsible for games in the Warhammer, Game of Thrones and even Star Wars universes — as evidenced by his impressive CV — so licensed adaptations are familiar ground.

The game will be based on Bloodborne's procedurally generated (and therefore, in theory, infinitely replayable) Chalice Dungeons which our review of the game describes as:

... stuffed with treasures to find and unique bosses to fight. Players will see things in these sections of the game that they won't see elsewhere — though the Chalice Dungeon bosses simply don't compare in spectacle to Bloodborne's other big bad enemies. Still, they're fun to explore and if you manage to build a particularly interesting or challenging dungeon, you can share it with other players and explore it together.

That definitely sounds like Bloodborne. If tabletop card games are your thing — and From Software's brand of video game most definitely isn't — don't despair! Lang admits his design expertise didn't extend to cruising through the streets of Yharnam unscathed: