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Capy Games' Below coming to Xbox One and Steam this summer

Long-awaited dungeon crawler coming to darken up summertime

Below, the dark, procedurally-generated, survival-focused dungeon crawler from developer Capy, will be released this summer, according to a new trailer for the game. The game is bound for Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam.

Capy first revealed Below in 2013, when it was planned to be exclusive to Xbox One. Described as a brutal but fair "roguelike-like," Below had been gestating as an idea at Capy for years before it was ever shown to the public. The top-down action-adventure will feature the music of artist Jim Guthrie, whom Capy previously collaborated with on Sword & Sworcery.

Check out Polygon's recent preview of the title and interview with creative director Kris Piotrowski for more on Below.

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