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Get your classic platformer fix with Adventure on Clover Island

Look at that cat go.

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Adventure on Clover Island is one of those games that you just want to fall into. At least, until you get to the bit with the lava.

The action-platformer follows Skylar and Plux. Skylar is a cat who has been augmented with a mechanical arm that was meant to turn her into a weapon. Now, she and Plux are taking on the evil AI that did the deed, before it destroys Clover Island.

Watch this level of gameplay to see why I'm kind of in love with this level design. From its sandy beaches to its nightmarish lava caves, Clover Island is really beautiful. You'll also see how wicked fast the gameplay is. Skylar vaults from platform to platform, punches robots in the face, and swings over lava pits at not-quite-Sonic but certainly dizzying speeds.

Adventure on Clover Island is being developed by Right Nice Games, and will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. A PC version is in the works as well.

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