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Watch us flop and fail at the most basic functions of life in Manual Samuel

Grab the toothpaste just grab it already GRAB THE DAMN TOOTHPASTE

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If QWOP and The Sims fused together to create a highly dysfunctional baby, it would look a lot like Manual Samuel.

During GDC, we got the chance to go hands-on with Perfectly Paranormal's latest, in which players control a spoiled brat named Samuel. After getting hit by a truck and landing himself in hell, Samuel makes a deal with the devil: He can have his life back, but only if he can successfully survive 24 hours controlling every aspect of his body.

This means manually breathing, blinking, walking, peeing (man, this is especially hard) and ... well, you get the picture. Check out the video above to see us attempt the hardest game of all: basic existence.