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See the new Captain America: Civil War trailer recreated in Fallout 4

“Hey everyone"

There was a bit of internet bellyaching when the recent trailer for Captain America: Civil War showed a little too much of the film for some fans' tastes (specifically a certain wall-crawling web head who may or may not be in the film, but definitely is). Modder and YouTube user UpIsNotJump may have found the perfect middle ground with his painstaking recreation of the contentious trailer in Fallout 4, with the help of copious mods.

It's perfect for those want to avoid movie-ruining spoilers like "What does the fifth version of Spider-Man movie costume look like?" but who still want to get a basic idea of the story and set pieces. UpIsNotJump has previously provided this exciting spoiler-filtering service for the Daredevil season 2 trailer. Here's hoping he can keep pace with all the TV shows and films the internet simultaneously wants to know everything and nothing about (which is to say all media that is, ever has been or ever will be).

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