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Play two games and call me in the morning: Newsworthy

Interviews at the intersection of news and games

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Newsworthy is an interview show that aims to talk about the intersection of news and games with newsmakers and thought leaders both inside and outside the game industry.

Today we sit down with Erin Reynolds to discuss using video games as therapy.

In 2014, Reynolds turned her master's thesis project at USC's Interactive Media Program into a video game made up of the stuff of nightmares, literally. Nevermind was designed to virtually drop people into the terrors of a trauma patient's psyche. A player's real heart rate is monitored in the game to tweak the difficulty and adjust Nevermind's ability to rattle the player.

New, two years later, Reynolds and her team at Flying Mollusk are adding support for emotion tracking, eye tracking and the Apple Watch. They're also bringing the game over to virtual reality. I chatted with Reynolds recently to discuss the impact of her game so far, the power of Games for Change and the possibility of prescribed gaming.

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