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New Finding Dory trailer finally introduces Dory's long-lost family

Plus, an appearance from everyone's favorite sea turtle

Pixar released a new trailer for its upcoming Finding Dory, and for the first time, introduced viewers to the forgetful fish's long-lost family.

In the trailer, Dory finally sets out to be reunited with her family, taking pals Nemo and Marlin along for the ride. During their travels, they encounter some old friends, including the hippie-inspired sea turtle, Crush.

Eventually, Dory runs — or swims, rather — into a couple of old friends that agree to help her find the family she accidentally abandoned, but not before getting caught by a couple of humans and being tossed into an aquarium. If that sounds familiar, it's the exact plot line Pixar used in Finding Nemo.

Finding Dory, which stars Ellen DeGeneres as the voice of Dory once again, hits theaters June 17.

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