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Tracy Fullerton on the transcendent art of game design: Newsworthy

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Newsworthy is an interview show that aims to talk about the intersection of news and games with newsmakers and thought leaders both inside and outside the game industry.

Today with sit down with Tracy Fullerton, game designer, educator, author and head of one of the top game design program in North America: USC Games.

For the past 16 years, the Game Developers Conference has been host to the Game Developers Choice Awards. The award show names the best games of the year, but it also hands out the Pioneer and Ambassador awards, created to honor game makers and thinkers who have created new technology or help make the game industry a better place.

This year's Ambassador Award Winner is Tracy Fullerton, for her work not only with the rising stars of the game industry, but her own innovative and unusual game design ideas.

From nurturing the early work of Jenova Chen, Kellee Santiago and others, to her ongoing efforts to transform Walden into a game, Fullerton's impact on the game industry is undeniable.

I chatted with her the day after she received the award to discuss how she got into teaching and what drives her as a game maker.

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