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Fallout 4 season pass for Xbox One discounted today; DLC begins tomorrow

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It's $29.99 at Newegg, a $20 savings

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Fallout 4's DLC season pass — for Xbox One only — is discounted to $29.99 right now, a day before its first expansion, Automatron, is due to launch. Ordinarily the season pass is $49.99

Newegg has put the code on sale; there's no word on how many they're offering. Bethesda Softworks originally sold the season pass for $29.99, then raised the price on March 1.

Automatron, which involves building and customizing robots as well as a mission to confront and defeat an evil robot maker, arrives tomorrow. It is $9.99 for those who don't want or don't have the season pass.

Automatron will be followed by Wasteland Workshop in April, which is a $4.99 add-on that lets players capture enemies, tame them as companions or pit them in fights to the death. That will be followed by the full story expansion Far Harbor for $24.99.

Sometime after that, the Creation Kit, an official mod support toolkit, will launch. It will come first to PC, then to Xbox One and finally to PlayStation 4.