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32-foot Pokémon card sets new world record

Good luck fitting it into your deck

The Pokémon Company unveiled its latest 20th anniversary spectacle in Paris today: a gigantic Pokémon trading card made out of ... Pokémon trading cards.

A press release calls the piece — which stands at over 32 feet tall and nearly 23 feet wide — a world record-breaking stunt. The oversized Pokémon card set a record for the world's largest trading card mosaic, according to The Pokémon Company.

British artist Quentin Devine constructed the work based on a design by character artist Ken Sugimori. Although there's no mention of when this achievement will make it into the record books officially, Pokémon does have at least one other Guinness World Record to its name. In 2009, Pokémon fan Lisa Courtney entered the hall of fame with her collection of Pokémon memorabilia. At 14,410 pieces deep, it holds the record for the globe's most extensive.

To see more from the unveiling, check out our gallery below.

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