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Giant-size 8 GB patch for Star Wars Battlefront preps the game for Outer Rim DLC

Still plenty of free stuff for those who don't buy the expansion

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

A gigantic patch arrives today for Star Wars Battlefront, preparing the game for the Outer Rim premium downloadable content while delivering other new features that are free for all.

The patch is 8 GB and it adds new Star Cards (specialty weapons and boosts) and guns, earned under the guise of the "Hutt Contracts" teased two weeks ago. Not only that, combatants (as long as they aren't hero characters like Luke Skywalker or Boba Fett) now have a rolling dodge option. A spectator mode mentioned before also is a part of this patch.

The new firearms are the DL-18, DT-12, DLT-19X and RELBY-V10, and if you know the differences among those four, you must be a Wookieepedia editor. The combat roll is activated by double tapping B/Circle while a character is strafing (Alt for PC players, this key can be remapped as well).

As usual, it comes with a slew of gameplay balances, nerfs and buffs to even out the multiplayer experience. Once again, the powerful DL-44 pistol is getting a haircut; its damage decreases significantly at ranges greater than 40 meters. Activating a personal shield renders a player unable to fire weapons or throw grenades (all other actions are still fair game) and droids and turrets will explode 20 seconds after the player who deployed them is killed, to cut back on cheap kills that way.

Plenty more details may be seen here, if there's something in particular that has been bugging you.

Outer Rim arrives today for those who picked up the $49.99 "season pass" entitling them to it and three future expansions planned this year. For those who want it a la carte, it goes on sale for $14.99 on April 5.

Outer Rim delivers new maps, even more weapons, and playable stars Nien Nunb and Greedo, who are well known as the common action figures that were always on the shelves when you were trying to find Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise) or Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues).

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