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Polygon's Snapchat game release show New Games Now! is back for season two

Our Snapchat show New Games Now! went on hiatus when game releases slowed during the winter, but as the release schedule picks up, we've once again begun production on this beloved, high-touch video feature. Every week, you can see quick clips from all the games coming out, along with salient, keenly-observed commentary/non-sensical screaming about each. If you're not currently a Snapchat user and you want to see the show, it's really easy.

  1. Download Snapchat on your phone or tablet
  2. Make an account
  3. Take a snap (that is industry slang for "a picture") of the above ghost to automatically follow us (or manually follow "polygonsnap")
  4. Swipe right until you see "Stories" and you'll see "polygonsnap" there. Then just tap to watch!

As with all Snapchat content, the show disappears forever after 24 hours, so go give it a look!

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