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Yakuza 0 heads West 'early' next year on PS4

Says yes to physical releases — but no to PS3

Yakuza 0, the latest entry in — and prequel to — Sega's action brawler series, will make its Western debut sometime in "early 2017," the company announced.

Alongside the news comes the short new trailer above, which packs in plenty of the glitz, glamor and girls the series is known for in just over 60 seconds. It's the first look stateside fans have had at the game since Sega confirmed the localized version during December's PlayStation Experience event. Unlike in Japan, however, Yakuza 0 will arrive as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

While it will ditch the PlayStation 3 port, Sega will give Yakuza fans the option of buying the game physically or digitally when it does launch. That's unlike the recent stateside release of Yakuza 5, which Sega launched on the PlayStation Store in December. The PS3 game first hit Japan in 2012.

Next up on PS4: Yakuza 6, which is planned for a Japanese release later this year.

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