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Hands-on with Line Wobbler: a 16 foot tall, one-dimensional dungeon crawler

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The first time I saw Line Wobbler, it was at last year's Game Developers Conference in the alt.ctrl.gdc booth, an area of the show floor dedicated to games played using unconventional input methods. The game stood out immediately — towering more than a dozen feet in the air and controlled with a wobbly spring-based controller, it looked and played like nothing else I'd ever seen. The next time I ran into Line Wobbler was at Indiecade 2015, then again at last year's Day of the Devs — each time, the game's controller changed slightly. According to Line Wobbler's creator, Robin Baumgarten, that's because the game is constantly evolving — the first few iterations of its controller involved a shoehorn, then a doorstop (he tells me the difference between American and European doorstops has drastic gameplay implications), before he finally settled on a custom controller he produced in collaboration with a spring factory, who he says was very confused by his initial request.

If you haven't heard of Line Wobbler, it's a bit hard to describe — which is why we made a video at this year's GDC, in Double Fine's Day of the Devs booth, demonstrating what the game is and how it works. For more on Line Wobbler, check out Baumgarten's website for the project.

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