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Twin Peaks could get theater release alongside TV debut

Lynch on the big screen

David Lynch is hard at work creating his new Twin Peaks series for Showtime, but the network's CEO said fans may have a couple of different viewing options.

In an interview with Bloomberg, David Nevins said that he believed movies and television were going to blur as the mediums became on par with one another. In an attempt to bridge film and television, Nevins said that a series like Twin Peaks was the perfect place to start exploring those options.

"You're going to see television shows produced primarily for television that's going to play in theaters for an occasional out-of-home collective experience," Nevins told Bloomberg. "So I guarantee you when we put Twin Peaks out people are gonna want to put that in theaters. So I see those lines blurring."

Nevins also said that when the show does premiere, it will be on a traditional week-to-week basis instead of the current Netflix trend of releasing all of the episodes at once. Nevins said they want to turn Twin Peaks into an event and part of that is exploring the realm cinema may play.

Lynch is still in the midst of production on the series. It was originally supposed to premiere this year, but was pushed back after creative differences between Lynch and the studio arose. It's now slated to premiere early 2017.

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