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Watch us (fail) to survive the stylish roguelike Beacon

It's going well it's going well nope we're dead

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There's an existential crisis waiting to happen in Beacon, a sci-fi roguelike in which you play each new life as a clone — but that's for another time.

Beacon stars Freja, a pilot who crash-lands on an alien planet. As you explore the game's randomly generated world and, eventually, bite it, you'll reconstitute your DNA as a clone with different attributes. It's a pretty game with a catchy soundtrack, but also a tricky game, with mechanical and alien foes out to get you at every turn.

Check out the video above to see us shooting, dodging and dying through the game's gorgeous planet. Beacon is being developed by Monothetic for Mac, Windows PC and Xbox One, and is set to be released in early 2017.

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