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Battleborn's open beta starts next month on PS4 first

Xbox and PC players can check it out 5 days later

Starting April 8 at 10 a.m. PT, Battleborn will enter open beta, with PlayStation 4 owners getting access to the game ahead of Windows PC and Xbox One players.

After arriving first on PS4, the open beta period will hit Xbox and Steam on April 13. The campaign will run until April 18 at 7 a.m. PT, giving PS4 players a full five extra days to check out Battleborn, according to the game's website. Players are not required to pre-register for access; instead, the download will be available on each platform's storefront at launch.

Those who check out the beta on PS4 will not only get more time with Battleborn, but they'll also be given the first downloadable content pack and an extra playable character for free when the full game launches. During the open beta — which won't require a PS Plus subscription to check out — PS4 players will also have an additional character at their disposal.

Regardless of platform, open beta participants will be able to check out Battleborn's story mode as well as two different multiplayer modes. Seven characters will be available to start with, and more are unlockable as players progress through the campaign.

Publisher 2K confirmed the timed exclusivity period on PS4 for the multiplayer shooter back in October. This was prior to the company delaying the game from a February launch to its new release date of May 3.

2K and developer Gearbox Software published a video detailing the game's Story Mode to coincide with the open beta date announcement. You can watch that up top to get a sense of the game's "TV-style" campaign. For more on Battleborn, read our impressions from back in October and check out our gameplay below.

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