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Xbox One adds ability to buy Xbox 360 games, 16-person party chat and more

Good news for those pining for gaming's glory days of three years ago, or the really popular among you: The Xbox One has added 16-person party chat and the ability to buy Xbox 360 games in a firmware update today.

While those of you in the Xbox Preview program have already been enjoying those upgrades, there are also a couple of brand new features in today's update, like improved thumbstick precision on the Xbox Elite controller.

Other updates in the new firmware include:

  • Broadcast Party Chat while using the Twitch app
  • Output your Party Chat to headset and speakers simultaneously
  • Customizable Game DVR recording length
  • Achievements added to Xbox One guide
  • Video playback directly in the Xbox One Activity Feed
More information about all the changes and updates are available on Major Nelson's blog.

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