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Here's what to expect out of the deleted scenes in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Emo Kylo Ren may actually be a thing

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in just a couple of weeks, and one of the most anticipated bonus features is the selection of deleted scenes J.J. Abrams decided to include.

While the scenes won't be made available for viewing until the release, there are brief descriptions of what people can expect when they pick it up.

According to Entertainment Weekly, there will be a couple of emotional hitters alongside some more intense action sequences, including Rey and Finn stealing a pair of snowspeeders to escape from Starkiller Base.

One of the most interesting descriptions, however, highlights a scene wherein Kylo Ren happens upon the Millennium Falcon while walking around Starkiller Base. The sighting reportedly leads to a flood of memories, which audiences may or may not get to see.

Other deleted scene descriptions include:

  • Finn, still a Stormtrooper, has a tough decision to make when he finds a terrified woman in the burning village during the movie's opening scene.
  • Han Solo, ever the smooth talker, works his way out of a tense interaction with a group of Stormtroopers in Maz Kanata's basement.
  • In a scene with the new General Leia, the Resistance receives a call for help from BB-8 and argue about the First Order's actions.
  • Fan favorite Poe Dameron leads a group of pilots into battle above Starkiller Base.
  • Rey watches over Finn after he was badly wounded.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives on Blu-ray and DVD April 5, but can also be purchased digitally as of April 1.

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