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The O.C. is finally going to be available to stream in April

All you need is a Hulu subscription

Fans have been demanding it for years and it looks like they're about to get their wish: The O.C. is finally coming to streaming, thanks to a new deal struck between the company and Warner Bros..

Hulu has had issues in the past with acquiring the licensing rights to Warner Bros. titles, and this deal marks the first time the studio has agreed to let the company stream certain titles. Joining The O.C. in April are other popular shows, including Smallville — which originally aired on The CW — and Southland. TNT's Rizzoli and Isles will also be made available next month, with currently airing shows like Lucifer and Blindspot hitting the service later this summer.

During its time on the air, The O.C. became one of the most popular shows on television, accumulating a legion of fans and helping to kickstart the teen drama trend of the early aughts. Other shows like Gossip GirlPretty Little Liars and similar shows followed. The show stars Ben McKenzie as troubled teen Ryan Atwood who is taken in by a wealthy family in Orange County, California. Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody also made names for themselves during their time on the series.

All four seasons of the show will be available to stream in April.

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