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Valve shares Steam Controller's CAD files for players to redesign to their 'heart's content'

You'll have to clear your creations before selling them

Valve has made the Steam Controller's computer-aided design files available to download on Steam. In a post to the peripheral's community page, the company provided a .zip file including "the geometry of all visible parts" of the controller.

The intention is for players to design their own modifications to the controller, which works with select games and already offers custom configurations. While Valve encourages those who design unique modifications for the controller to share their creations, company approval is required in order to sell them.

Erik Johnson, a designer at Valve, told Polygon back in October that the version of the Steam Controller available at retail wasn't meant to be its final version. Instead, the company hoped that owners would be able to customize the hardware to their liking.

"We want to release the CAD files for how these controllers are put together," he told us last fall ahead of its November launch.

Check out our impressions of the Steam Controller in its current state — although Valve has since released further updates that have added new features to the peripheral.