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Captain America: Civil War international trailer debuts new footage

Time for Iron Man v Captain America

A new international trailer for Captain America: Civil War has been released, and while many of the scenes are familiar, there is additional footage with members of the Avengers.

Most noticeable are the extended conversations that occur between Iron Man and Captain America before the movie's presumed main fight. In the scene, Tony Stark tells Steve Rogers that he and the rest of their superhero pals need to be "put in check" and if the government has a plan to make that happen, he was all in. In response, Rogers acknowledges that aligning themselves too closely with different agencies would only end poorly and vowed to not let that happen.

It's one of the first times that we see them argue about the two different paths Earth's mightiest heroes can walk down. The trailer also includes new footage of Black Widow and Hawkeye fighting each other, joking around about their friendship as they try to land blows.

Captain America: Civil War, which marks Spider-Man's first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, opens everywhere May 6.

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