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Stop by Batman's place with Google's tour of the Wayne residence

Google Maps locates it in ... Michigan?

Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne is known as one of Gotham City's wealthiest bachelors. But, according to Google Maps' new tour of his lakeside home, the Dark Knight actually resides just outside of Detroit.

In a promotion for today's release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Google has made it easy to locate and step inside the home of both Bruce Wayne and his butler, Alfred — which apparently can be found on a lonesome road in Orion Charter Township, Michigan. Since it's based on the characters' digs in the new movie, it's not the famous Wayne Manor, which has been abandoned in the new film.

You can use Google Maps to get right inside Bruce Wayne's swanky bachelor pad, with images of its interior and exterior available for perusal. Make sure to fully explore it to find the Wayne residence's best-kept secret: the Batcave.

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The interactive tour of the superhero's downsized estate is a nice diversion for fans anticipating Batman v Superman — although we weren't quite so taken with Zack Snyder's take on the classic characters.

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