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Elite: Dangerous will soon get the voice of William Shatner

Let the soothing voice of Captain Kirk be your guide through space

Players of Frontier Developments' space simulation Elite: Dangerous will soon have the option of listening to William Shatner, best known for his roles as a Priceline spokesman and Star Trek's Captain James T. Kirk, as they trek through space, thanks to an upcoming add-on voice pack.

HCS Voice Packs, a third-party provider of voice packs for Elite: Dangerous add-on VoiceAttack, will release the Orion pack featuring Shatner on April 8. The pack will include some 1,300 phrases spoken by Shatner for use in conjunction with the voice command plug-in. Shatner's dialogue will replace Elite: Dangerous' default computer voice.

Shatner's voice pack costs £9.99 (about $14) and is available for pre-order from HCS Voice Packs' website. You can listen to a preview of the forthcoming voice pack in the video above.

Other voice packs from HCS feature Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon, Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace), Tom Baker (Doctor Who) and Stephen Hawking.

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