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Watch us explore space in Astroneer

It's like The Martian but cuter

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Correction: The original post stated that Astroneer was currently in Early Access on Steam. It will be coming to Early Access later this year.

What if you could become a pioneer on a totally new frontier? That's the premise behind space exploration game Astroneer, which we recently got to play at GDC.

In this demo, we ended up on a lovely green and yellow planet, populated with colorful plants that look like party decorations. We can find materials using a special tool that blasts away terrain like it's Play-Doh.

All this terraforming action is backed by a soothing soundtrack that makes the experience seem meditative, even when we're tunneling through a mountain to make a path for our space rover.

Astroneer offers procedurally generated planets. Your little astroneer will confront the dangers of space, as you search for resources — whether for survival or wealth.

Astroneer will come to Steam Early Access in 2016.

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