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Star Wars Battlefront is offering free (in-game) money this weekend

Run go get it

Star Wars Battlefront is dropping a bunch of its virtual moolah on any player who logs into the game this weekend.

Just show up any time today or tomorrow and you'll get 5,000 credits. This is the stuff that unlocks in-game items, including weapons, Star Cards and character skins.

The inducement is there for people to come back and try out Star Wars Battlefront since it added a slew of free content changes on Tuesday, including a combat roll, spectator mode, and something called "Hutt Contracts," which are missions that unlock rarer firearms.

This is all separate from the premium DLC, Outer Rim, that rolled out Tuesday for Season Pass owners and comes April 5 for $14.99 a la carte. Outer Rim delivers four more maps and two new playable heroes, Nien Nunb (pictured above) and Greedo.

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