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Contra Mobile gives classic game a facelift in first trailer

Heading to China this year

Konami is teaming up with mobile game mega-publisher Tencent to launch Contra Mobile on smartphones this year. The pair revealed its first gameplay trailer, above, at the Tencent UP event over the weekend.

Longtime fans of the run-and-gun series will recognize soldiers Lance Bean and Bill Rizer, who players will again control in the new game. While the gameplay remains largely the same, added features include touch controls and a player-versus-player mode.

First announced in NovemberContra Mobile is the first new release of sorts in the franchise since Contra Evolution, which hit mobile devices and arcades in 2013. That game was similarly limited to Chinese audiences.

While the upcoming mobile game will feature microtransactions, Tencent and Konami have not yet revealed how those will factor into the release. It remains unscheduled and unconfirmed for a Western launch.

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