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How does Hyrule Warriors Legends play on New 3DS vs. the old 3DS?

It turns out there's a sizable difference

Hyrule Warriors Legends is now available on Nintendo 3DS — all iterations of the hardware — but, according to Digital Foundry, the game shows significant improvements on one type of the handhelds over the other. In the video above, check out a side-by-side comparison of the recent release on both the New Nintendo 3DS and the original 3DS.

Digital Foundry also compared Legends to its Wii U brother, Hyrule Warriors. Although certain parts of the game perform at the same speed on each console, the New 3DS comes out on top when it comes to handling the hack-and-slash game's battles.

Last fall, Nintendo confirmed that Hyrule Warriors Legends would be less than full-featured on the original 3DS: The handheld's 3D mode won't work with the game. Players reported that the hardware suffered from inequalities across the board after its Japanese launch in January.

Following its Zelda game analysis, Digital Foundry took a look at how the New 3DS hardware compares to its predecessor on a technical level. The in-depth analysis of the two versions of Nintendo's handheld reveals that the New 3DS sports more powerful processors under the hood.

The New 3DS, which launched in early 2015, offers only a handful of exclusives to owners. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is the only major 3DS game that's exclusive to the portable; ports of Super Nintendo games also only run on New 3DS. Games like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS experience upgrades when played on the handheld, however.

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