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Dark Souls' director 'doesn't believe' player who beat the game without taking a hit

'It's just an elaborate rumor!'

Last month, a player on Twitch streamed his no-hit run of the first Dark Souls game — but series director Hidetaka Miyazaki is chalking that playthrough up to an "elaborate rumor."

"I don't believe the player who says he completed the original Dark Souls without taking a hit," Miyazaki told Wired UK in an interview. While he conceded that it would be an "amazing" feat, he has trouble seeing its plausibility.

Whether or not that particular run is real — an archive of the lengthy livestream is still available, for other doubters  — Miyazaki said he appreciates Dark Souls fans' creativity. Other players have used unconventional control methods to complete the Dark Souls games, often uploading videos of their accomplishments. These include beating them with Guitar Hero or Rock Band controllers and, most notably, via crowdsourced commands sent over Twitch.

"I've been very happy to see that kind of creativity," Miyazaki said, after admitting that these means of play surprised him. While future games in the Souls series won't be built around letting players have at it with a bevy of controllers and control schemes, Miyazaki said he's wanted to make the games feel more social. Thanks to the collaborative nature of these Twitch-streamed oddity runs, the director feels like he's succeed on that front.

Dark Souls 3 is now out in Japan, but American players can't get their hands — or guitar controllers, or dance pads, or Wiimotes, etc. — on it until April 12. In the meantime, fans can jump back into the first Dark Souls, which is now backward compatible with Xbox One.