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Lego reveals new Disney minifigs

Mickey Mouse and friends get shrunk

After acquiring the licenses to many of Disney's most popular characters, Lego has released the first images of new minifigs hitting shelves later this year.

The new line of minifigs features an array of characters from different films over the years, including classics like Mickey Mouse and newer ones like Mr. Incredible. Although Ariel from The Little Mermaid is included in the set, there's a noticeable absence of other Disney princesses. While the companies could be working on a second line that specifically includes the various princesses, there's no official word on whether that'll be happening or not. Polygon has reached out to Lego and Disney for comment.

The minifigs, which can be seen in more detail below, will be available online and in stores May 1. Each figure will go for $3.99.

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