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The new Doom is getting alternate box art that looks way better

Fans will decide the fate of Doom's reversible sleeve

Box art snobs who bristled at the generic, space marine-centric cover of the new Doom can breathe easy: Publisher Bethesda Softworks will include reversible cover art that should more appropriately meet your discerning demonic needs. But which artwork ultimately makes it to print is up to you.

On Twitter, Bethesda offered Doom fans two alternate cover art options: one that harkens back to the colorful, hellspawn-choked original Doom and another that features stark, Satanic imagery (pentagram, goat skull) on a none-more-black background. Take a look.

The official Doom Twitter account is currently conducting a poll to determine which version fans prefer. If you feel like weighing in, that poll will be open for the next four days.

Doom is slated to hit PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on May 13.

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