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The Division getting regular free content updates in addition to paid expansions

Time to bone up on your long division skills

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Tom Clancy's The Division developer Massive Entertainment is working on a year's worth of post-release content for the game, including free content updates along with the three previously announced paid expansions, the studio said today.

Massive Entertainment is looking to keep players invested in the game by providing them with new activities and content on a regular basis. Following The Division's launch next week, the studio will deliver the game's first free update in April, Incursions, which will bring the game to version 1.1 and introduce the first "incursion." The titular mode sounds like a raid: It's an endgame activity designed for a squad of four high-level players, and it promises rewards including powerful weapons and gear.

The Division will receive another free update in May, Conflict, which will patch the game to version 1.2 and add new features to the Dark Zone PvP mode. The Conflict update will also include a second incursion. In addition to those free updates, Massive Entertainment will regularly release daily and weekly missions, as well as Dark Zone events and new features such as loot trading.

A trailer for the content schedule, which you can view above, also mentions bonus events that are exclusive to owners of The Division's season pass. Ubisoft has not officially confirmed the price of the season pass, but it is listed for $39.99 at multiple retailers. The season pass is included in The Division's Gold Edition, which costs $99.99. The game's downloadable content will be exclusive to Xbox One for one month before coming to PlayStation 4 and Windows PC; we've reached out to Ubisoft to ask if this applies only for the expansions, or for all DLC.

Massive Entertainment will release The Division's first expansion, Underground, in June. The expansion introduces a new playable area in the bowels of New York City, where squads of up to four players must navigate a network of tunnels and subways to prevent further damage to the city's infrastructure.

Survival, the next expansion, is scheduled for release in the summer. Details on Survival are scarce, although Massive Entertainment clarified in an interview with GameSpot that the expansion isn't focused on a wave-based "horde" mode. The third expansion scheduled for The Division's first year is Last Stand, which will launch in the winter and feature "a new, relentless threat," according to publisher Ubisoft.

The Division is set for release March 8 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. The servers won't be going live until the day before, so we likely won't have a review on launch day. For more, check out our impressions of the game's beta in the video below.

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