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Marvel has no plans to release R-rated movies, CEO confirms

Think of the children!

Despite the overwhelming success of Deadpool, Fox's R-rated movie based on the Marvel superhero, Disney CEO Bob Iger says Disney is staying away from that contentious R-rating.

"We don't have any plans to make R-rated Marvel movies," Iger said during a call with shareholders.

While not surprising, considering Marvel and Disney's target audience has always been children, Marvel is clearly not looking to monetize on the latest blockbuster trend.

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Just last week, it was rumored that Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would be getting an R-rated director's cut, despite the film being rated PG-13. Hugh Jackman's upcoming Wolverine installment was also rumored to be shooting for an R-rating upon release.

Considering Deadpool took in more than $150 million during its opening weekend, a record-breaking debut for an R-rated film, it shouldn't be too surprising that studios are trying to capitalize on the adult market. Prior to Deadpool's release, however, director Tim Miller said he was worried Hollywood studios would make a trend out of the R-rated superhero film. He explained that it would lead to egregiously violent films being made without much context for doing so.

Marvel's films, however, will likely remain PG and PG-13 for the foreseeable future. The studio's next movie, Captain America: Civil War, is rated PG-13. It hits theaters May 6.

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