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Steam slashing prices on Square Enix games all weekend

Eidos games get really cheap, too

Steam is hosting a Square Enix-themed sale this weekend, with a plethora of the publisher's games receiving major discounts. From now until March 7, prices on releases in the Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider and other franchises are cut by up to 85 percent.

Final Fantasy games available on the platform are 50 percent off, including recent port Final Fantasy 6 (now $7.99) and December's PC release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 ($9.99).

The sale also covers games Square Enix picked up the rights for after buying Eidos. The Eidos Anthology Pack includes 34 games and downloadable content, and Steam has it discounted by 85 percent — lowering the cost to $31.19 for the bundle, which includes Deus Ex: Human Revolution — The Director's Cut, the reboot of Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution and more.

For more highlights, see our round-up below. Visit the sale page on Steam for the full rundown of discounts.