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League of Legends' next champ is a badass space dragon

"But the thing they do best ... is beg for mercy."

Just two weeks ago, League of Legends developer Riot Games revealed that its planned playable dragon champion, Ao Shin, was no longer in development. Instead, he had been replaced by a new and different dragon named Aurelion Sol. At the time it wasn't clear how close to release Aurelion Sol was, but now it seems that we're very close indeed.

Today Riot Games published the above video to its YouTube channel and Facebook page, introducing the villainous new character. We knew that Aurelion Sol was a dragon, but the teaser reveals an important tidbit that changes how we view him: He's actually a space dragon.

Watch the video for yourself above to hear Aurelion Sol talk about visiting different planets and galaxies and crushing the puny mortals who live there. Riot has provided no further info on when the new character will show up in-game, but generally these teasers mean they're close to ready for the public.

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