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New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Photos get intense

Justice or Just kiss?

Batman and Superman are getting up close and personal in a new still released from Zack Snyder's upcoming movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The photo, which was released alongside a few others for Entertainment Weekly's latest issue, shows the two heroes in the middle of an intense argument, standing outside in the pouring rain. If they weren't mortal enemies, it would make for lovely, climactic scene in a romantic-comedy.

Batman EW

There aren't too many new stills, but there is one of Alfred (played by Jeremy Irons) working on Batman's mechanical looking cowl and a shot of Gal Gadot's Diana Prince, otherwise known as Wonder Woman.

Alfred EW

In the Gadot photo, it's clear she's at a party of sorts, and based on previous TV spots and trailers, it's safe to assume it's the same party, hosted by Lex Luthor, where Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meet for the first time.

Lex Luthor EW

The last interesting photo is of Lex Luthor peering into a glass cabinet containing what looks like a huge piece of Kryptonite.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released March 24.

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