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A Hearthstone challenge where you get to choose how you lose the game

Spoilers: We have no idea what we're doing

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Generally speaking, we have some idea what we're getting into with each week's new Hearthstone Tavern Brawl. Not so, this time. Titled "Deal Your Fate," the 28th unique Tavern Brawl lets each player choose one of several ways in which the game you're about to play will be changed. Then you get to choose a second huge change once you go below 20 health.

How does that work in practice? Well, one of us does very well and the other is embarrassed and horrified. Good times!

You can check out our playtest of the new Tavern Brawl in the video above. For more Tavern Brawl and other Hearthstone videos, take a look at our full YouTube playlist.