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Reebok and Fox set to release Ripley's 'Alien Stomper' sneakers

No price tag as of yet

Sneaker heads and cinephiles, rejoice! To properly celebrate the 30th anniversary of James Cameron's iconic sci-fi film, Aliens, Reebok is making Sigourney Weaver's shoes available for fans to purchase.

Similar to what Nike did for the anniversary of Back to the Future in October, the retro, funky looking sneakers will go on sale April 26. The day, which was chosen because of the planet LV-426 (4/26), has officially been dubbed as "Alien Day," according to a press release.

The "Alien Stompers" were created specifically for Weaver's character, Ripley, in the film and were made available to the public for a limited time after it was released in 1986. This time around, however, more pairs will be released, both online and in select Reebok stores.

Fans looking for something a little less attention grabbing can also pick up the mid-tops worn by Lance Henrikson's Bishop. Reebok hasn't released the prices for either pair of shoe, but chances are these might set you back a pretty penny.

Fox will also be hosting a series of events to mark the anniversary, including a double feature of Alien and Aliens at different Alamo Drafthouse theaters and running a trivia quiz all day online for fans to participate in.

The Alien Stompers can be purchased here on April 26.

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