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New Final Fantasy 15 videos show off young Noctis, new Amano artwork

A brief peek at what's to come

Ahead of Final Fantasy 15's special event tonight, where the game's final release date will be announced, a pair of Chinese ads give us a fresh look at the long-awaited Japanese role-playing game. One offers a peek at young Noctis, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy 15, while the other shows off some artwork from Yoshitaka Amano.

The trailer above shows new footage from the game, promising a "fun and free Final Fantasy 15 for fans and first-timers alike." The footage appears to be from a section of Final Fantasy 15 called "The Dream of Young Noctis," and the description of that section — "uncover a tale untold in-game" — hints that it's separate from the core PlayStation 4 and Xbox One experience.

In the video, we see young Noctis exploring a variety of environments with the aid of a Carbuncle, a recurring character in the Final Fantasy series. Noctis apparently will explore some portion of the Final Fantasy 15 world as a tinier version of himself, or perhaps in a giant-sized world.

The video below, the second of two Chinese-language ads, shows off Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano's illustrative style transformed into a 3D digital sculpture.

Square Enix plans to release new details on Final Fantasy 15 during a livestream that kicks off tonight at 7 p.m. PT. Final Fantasy 15 is coming sometime in 2016.

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