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Far Cry Primal receiving Survivor Mode in free update next month

Permadeath comes to the Stone Age

Far Cry Primal is receiving a new mode on April 12, Ubisoft announced. A free update containing Survivor Mode, which adds an increased level of challenge to the game, will launch on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, according to the company's blog.

Thomas Simon, the game's director, talks about the changes coming with the update in the video above. Along with the more difficult Survivor Mode, these include permadeath, which slaps you with a "game over" as soon as you die. A second-chance option gives players a single backup life, which can be replenished at certain points.

This feature will be available to players regardless of difficulty level, according to Ubisoft. Exclusive to Survivor Mode, however, is a stamina gauge that slows protagonist Takkar down as it depletes. Fast travel eats away at this gauge, which requires players to sleep in order to refill it. Other changes include the minimap being turned off by default and increased difficulty in taming wild beasts; animal sidekicks are also now susceptible to permadeath.

Until the update hits next month, Far Cry Primal players can keep themselves entertained by petting the vast array of creatures at their disposal — like we did in the video below.

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