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Destiny's April update is making a big change to how Infusion works

No more calculators needed

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Bungie is making a major change to the way Infusion — boosting stats on weapons and armor by dismantling higher Light level gear — works in Destiny with the game's April update. No longer will players have to turn to online Infusion calculators; Bungie is making Infusion a one-to-one upgrade.

That means that when the April update hits, players who Infuse a 330 Light weapon into a 280 Light weapon will see the less powerful weapon upgrade all the way to 330 Light. The way Infusion currently works, less powerful items only receive a portion of a more powerful item's Light level. For example, a 320 Light legendary weapon infused into a 280 Light legendary weapon will only boost the latter's rating to 312 Light, under the current implementation.

While the change may sound small, it will come as a big relief to Destiny players who currently have to grind Light ratings through Infusion bit by bit.

During a livestream hosted by Bungie today, the developer showed the new Infusion rules in action, infusing a 3 Light helmet with a 330 Light helmet, boosting it all the way up to 330.

Destiny's new Light level cap will be raised to 335 with the April update, and Bungie is providing a variety of ways to get 335 Light-level gear. Players will find 335 Light drops in the hard version of the King's Fall raid, during Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris competitive multiplayer, and in Court of Oryx artifact drops. Bungie says exotic engrams will also decode into 335 Light gear.

Bungie plans to release the next major Destiny update on April 12.

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