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Hitman's second episode arrives in April

Agent 47 heads to Italy

The next episode of Hitman launches April 26, Square Enix announced in a press release. The second installment of the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One game, which is being released episodically, is set in Sapienza, Italy.

Hitman's first episode hit consoles earlier this month. A starter pack including the prologue mission and a Paris-themed map is now available for $14.99. Players can also purchase a digital copy of the full game for $59.99, which grants access to each of the six new locations upon release.

Seven episodes total will launch by the end of 2016, according to Square Enix. Future locales include Marrakesh, Morocco, which is set to debut in May. While Hitman fans can grab each episode digitally throughout the year, a physical version of the game won't launch until 2017.

For more on the first installment of Hitman, check out our review.

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