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Destiny is getting new emotes inspired by Seinfeld, Dark Souls and Shia LaBeouf

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Praise the sun and do The Elaine, Guardian

Destiny's April update will bring with it a host of new things to do when it drops for free next month — but Bungie is also giving players a bunch of new dances and emotes to purchase with Silver, Destiny's in-game currency. Bungie revealed some of Destiny's new flair, which draws inspiration from Dark Souls, Seinfeld's Elaine Benes and motivational speaker Shia LaBeouf, during a livestream this week.

The new batch of emotes coming to the Eververse Trading Company also includes references to A Night at the Roxbury, The Karate Kid and Destiny's own Hive Acolytes. One emote can only be unlocked once players have completed a set of Desolate armor, which is one of the new armor sets coming in April. You can preview a sampling of the new emotes in the video above.

For a rundown of what else is coming in Destiny's next major update, check out the game's new activities and the new gear players can earn, starting April 12.