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Report: Warner Bros. spending millions on Suicide Squad reshoots to make it funnier

From gloomy to looney

Warner Bros. is currently spending "tens of millions" of dollars to reshoot dozens of scenes for its upcoming superhero film, Suicide Squadaccording to Birth.Movies.Death.

The studio is reportedly revisiting the film to add more lightheartedness to the feature and add in a few more jokes. According to the site, after the studio saw the positive reaction the trailer got — a trailer that made the movie seem much funnier than it actually was at the time — Warner Bros. ordered script rewrites and scheduled time with the cast and crew to reshoot.

The goal of the reshoots is to make the film more fun for audience and make the characters more appealing. In doing so, there won't just be additional jokes added to the movie, but the interactions between characters will be slightly goofier at times. Most importantly, however, is that the movie won't take itself as seriously as the recently released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Despite the reshoots, Suicide Squad — which stars Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Will Smith and many more — is still set to be released Aug. 5. Get caught up with all of the Suicide Squad members in Polygon's explainer.

Update: In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, star Jai Courtney said that despite reports, the reshoots focused on adding more action sequences to the film and weren't centered around additional comedic scenes. Courtney added that they believed there was more than enough humor already in the movie.

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