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When Twitch plays Hearthstone, it goes ... poorly

It's not all losses, but it's not pretty

We've seen Twitch play Pokémon. We've seen Twitch play Dark Souls. So what happens when Twitch plays Hearthstone against real live opponents? Well, uh, it's not great.

In the video above, YouTube content creator Disguised Toast shows off his recent experiments with Twitch plays Hearthstone. For the purposes of this, he created a program to allow his Twitch viewers to choose specific cards as targets for each click. He also made sure to disable the "End Turn" button to prevent the most frustrating trolling possible.

For as bad as things turned out, Twitch chat does come together to win a few games. Watch the beautiful struggle for yourself above. For more expert-level Hearthstone play, check out Polygon's full playlist devoted to the game on YouTube.

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