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Tim Sweeney and Windows 10 as game-blocking monopoly: Newsworthy

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Newsworthy is an interview show that aims to talk about the intersection of news and games with newsmakers and thought leaders both inside and outside the game industry.

Today, we sit down with Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney to discuss his concerns about Windows becoming a monopoly.

For more than six years, Epic Games and Microsoft were strong partners, with Epic delivering the Gears of War franchise exclusively to the Xbox 360 and Windows platforms. In 2014, Epic sold the franchise rights to Microsoft to let them continue the game's saga.

But since the release of Windows 10, Sweeney has found himself increasingly concerned that Microsoft is deliberately setting out to turn its ubiquitous operating system into a walled garden through the Windows Store.

This morning, an editorial by Sweeney ran in The Guardian calling for Microsoft to back away from what he sees as monopolistic plans before it does irreparable damage to PC gamers and PC users everywhere.

I chatted with Sweeney on the eve of his letter's publication to find out what drives his concerns and just how big of an impact what he calls Microsoft's "evil plan" will have on computer users everywhere.

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