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Link heads to Google Maps for his latest adventure

It's dangerous to go alone — take Link!

Nintendo and Google have partnered up for a The Legend of Zelda-based collaboration. Today, users of the browser version of Google Maps will notice that a marker shaped like the heroic elf Link is now available to drag across the map.

Link serves as a compass, showing which direction you're facing on any given Google Map screen. He also comes outfitted with a sword and shield as a safety precaution.

Google's offered Nintendo Easter eggs on its Maps service in the past. As an April Fools' Day prank in 2014, the company dispersed an array of Pokémon across the globe, which fans could scroll across Google Maps to find and collect.

Today's gag is likely in honor of the launch of the latest Zelda game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. The Wii U remaster is available today — check out our review to see if it's worth dipping into a second time.

You can also see one of the new features in Twilight Princess HD, Hero Mode, in our video below.

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