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Another Star Wars Battlefront update arrives, adds another new map

The premium Outer Rim DLC is also due sometime this month

Star Wars Battlefront has already rolled out its March update, barely two weeks after the last one. This free update, for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, also adds a new map and a new survival mission.

The new map is "Survivors of Endor," and it will host the Walker Assault, Supremacy and Turning Point game types. Players describe it as having a wider expanse in its middle, dotted with high vantage points and secret passages and other areas. Aerial views show a lot of post-battle damage and smoldering foliage.

The new survival mission, a solo or local co-operative play type, has been added to the existing Rebel Depot on Tatooine.

These are the only changes according to the official patch notes; no changes to balance weapons or vehicles were made this time.

Past updates have come at the end of the month; this one may be arriving early to make way for the Outer Rim expansion, the first of four premium DLC packages for those who bought Battlefront's season pass. Outer Rim has been promised for March but has not been given a specific launch date.

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