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Nintendo shutting down Mario Kart TV highlights service

But the 'Luigi Death Stare' reels will live on

Nintendo will take its Mario Kart TV website offline next month, according to a note on the video service's homepage. The site, which hosts race highlight clips uploaded by Mario Kart 8 players and more, will shut down on April 4 at 11 p.m. PT.

Mario Kart 8 fans will still be able to share and watch their favorite moments within the Wii U game itself. Edited footage uploaded to YouTube through Mario Kart TV will remain available on that platform as well, according to Nintendo. These include the "Luigi Death Stare" clips compiled by players that became popular early in the game's lifespan, like the one below.

Mario Kart TV launched alongside Mario Kart 8 in May 2014. Available both online and as an application for smartphones, the service allows users to post edited clips from the game to Mario Kart TV itself as well as Miiverse and social media. Mario Kart players can also see time trial records on the game's various courses, including their own rankings when logged into the platform.